• Vespertine Opera Theater

    Vespertine Opera Theater shows, dramatic or musical performances including opera, symphonies, and theatrical performances as well as jazz, juggling, magic acts, and piano recitals. In need of a logo re-design, they turned to Red Car Design. Vespertine Opera Theater routinely features operas that are a little off of the beaten path. We took a minimal approach to the the logo and while adding a circle to symbolize the O in Opera, we subtracted the ves giving a more modern and cutting edge feel. Finally we added a warm color scheme in reference to the name Vespertine. With the help of the circle, added a visual element of interest. The orange characters in the logo spell the word Opera. With Vespertine extremely happy with their new design, we hope to build a lasting relationship with Vespertine Opera Theater.
  • Brown’s Coffee Cafe

    Brown’s Coffee Cafe is a fair trade, organic coffee roaster and importer. When Brown’s Coffee became Brown’s Coffee Cafe, Red Car Design helped brand their strategic company re-brand, designed support material, and coordinated a social media marketing campaign for the effort. Brown’s Coffee Cafe located in Shoreline is a great spot to grab a bite to eat, or to pick up some fair trade organic coffee.
  • Tick Tock Junk Removal

    Tick Tock Junk Removal is a fast growing Puget Sound junk removal company. With an emphasis on time and responding to your needs when you have them, Tick Tock Junk Removal takes a new approach to Junk Removal. Tasked with creating logo and brand identity for Tick Tock Junk Removal, Red Car Design accepted the challenge. The logo incorporates a clock, and the rarely used purple sets this company apart from the competition, and is easily recognizable.  Red Car Design, also designed Tick Tock Junk Removal’s website.
  • Mercer Island & Eastside Homes

    David Wilson, a real estate and stock broker for over 32 years discovered a need in the market. David noticed that most real estate websites are not designed well, and don’t allow for very large photos. With the aid of an experimental new technology, he set out to build a website with high resolution photos utilizing cloud storage. In need of a good user interface designer, David turned to Red Car Design. The challenge in this project was to create an interface that was appealing to higher end home buyers, while maintaining an easy to navigate structure. Using a grid layout and cool, soft colors we were able to deliver a product that David was very satisfied with. This website has profoundly affected David’s business, and we have plans to work together on a future project.